LEED Contributions

Environmental Mission Statement

Mott Manufacturing is committed to protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources and energy. Mott accepts that concern for the environment is an integral part of its business strategy and will take all necessary actions to protect the natural environment and prevent pollution in achieving its business aims. To achieve the above objective, Mott will:

  • Manufacture products that encourage durability, contain a high recycled steel content, and use sustainable materials that will generate no VOC's and minimal waste.
  • Practice sustainable processes that improve the means of production by reducing emissions and waste, measuring and reporting results, and minimizing raw material use.
  • Create sustainable products that will continuously adapt to changing needs.
  • Develop safe and energy saving fume hoods.
  • Steel consists of 32.7% recycled content:
    • 25.5% post-consumer, contributes to LEED credit MR4
    • 6.8% pre-consumer, contributes to LEED credit MR4
  • Durable, high quality protection with minimal waste and zero VOCs
  • Durability that meets and exceeds SEFA 8 standards
  • FSCĀ® certified wood products, contributes to LEED credit MR7
  • Rapidly renewable materials including bamboo and agriboard, contributes to LEED credit MR6
  • Offer no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) panel products, contributes to LEED credit EQ.4 and are California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant
  • Steel and stainless steel drawer bodies and shelves, contributes to LEED credit MR4
  • UV flat line finish meets SEFA 8 standards, emits ZERO VOCs