Mott Manufacturing Ltd. has an interesting history dating back almost 100 years. A company known as Goold, Shapely & Muir established the company's original foundation in the early 1900's with products such as fire ranger look-out towers, farm tractors, and windmills. The Great Depression claimed this company in the early 1930's.

In 1934, H. E. Mott Company Ltd. was incorporated from the remains of Goold, Shapely, & Muir and it continued to manufacture similar products. Mott's present day focus on steel case goods began during World War II when it manufactured steel cabinetry for radar equipment shipped to Britain.

The company moved to its former Wadsworth Street Brantford facility in 1958 when it installed a continuous metal preparation, coating, and baking process. During these years the company added kitchen cabinets to its product lines and in 1961 it began manufacturing steel laboratory furniture for the Canlab furniture division.

In 1963 the company became Mott Manufacturing Ltd. when Mr. L.A. Crews purchased it. The relationship with Canlab resulted in increased production capacity dedicated to steel laboratory furniture. During this period, a ready-to-assemble product line of steel kitchen cabinets was also developed, manufactured and shipped to Canada's Northwest Territories, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

The new millennium begins with Mott focusing on the North American laboratory furniture market, and the company has been acquired by Bill Stover (Executive Chairman) and Ed Seegmiller (President/CEO). In April 2003 the company moved into its new Brantford facility that features a state-of-the technology powder coating line.

In April 2007, Ed Seegmiller entered into an acquisition agreement with Bill Stover for the purchase of Bill’s shares of Mott over the next few years. Consequently, Ed was appointed as President & CEO, and Bill became Executive Chairman. Ed then brought Mario Di Fonte, Vice President of Sales & Marketing on as a partner to continue the success of the company.

To offer one-stop solutions to our customers Mott acquired a new plant dedicated to the manufacture of wood casework for laboratories. Production in our new wood facility began in April 2009. Mott is recognized by The Rainforest Alliance as certified for Forest Stewardship Council Chain-Of-Custody and has been quality certified to AWI "Premium Grade" in the national Quality Certification Program.

In 2010 Mott increased the size of its Brantford facility in order to support increased production requirements. In 2013 Mott incorporated Mott Manufacturing Inc. in Bedford, Virginia to meet the growing demands of the market and to fill its expanding needs.

In 2016 Mott once again expanded its production facility adding approximately 45% additional manufacturing space. Mott invested in new state of the art equipment and completely reorganized the factory floor layout to streamline the manufacturing process, improve safety and efficiency, increase capacity and reduce waste.

In 2017, after 21 years of service with Mott, Bill Stover retired as Executive Chairman of the Board. Ed Seegmiller and Mario Di Fonte have continued their positions as Co-Chairmen of the Board, committed to the continued growth and prosperity of Mott in the laboratory furniture marketplace.

Mott is a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association®, US Green Building Council and it is certified to ISO 9001:2008, an internationally recognized Quality Management standard. Mott’s line of steel and wood laboratory furniture meets the performance requirements of SEFA 8. Fume hoods meet ASHRAE and UL 1805 standards, many of our products are UL listed and comply with other international standards.