Fume Hood Development
& Performance Testing

Mott’s on-site fume hood test facility is an essential asset used in new and custom product development and testing. Witness testing of fume hoods to the ASHRAE 110 “As Manufactured” and the performance criteria of ANSI Z9.5 protocol are available. A skilled fume hood specialist will conduct standard or specialty investigative testing to meet specific customer requirements.

The facility is equipped with a broad array of calibrated measuring devices and operated by competent, well trained personnel. Mott has extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative testing in conformance to industry standards and customer requirements in addition to assisting customers in identifying and correcting performance deviations.

In serving our customers' testing needs, Mott offers testing on:

  • Customer modified methods
  • As installed in VAV simulations
  • Custom fume hoods
  • Special laboratory conditions

Our strong commitment to fume hood safety coupled with unparalleled technical expertise serves as the foundation for our long-standing customer relationships. We welcome architects, engineers and end users into our fume hood test facility to witness and participate hands-on.

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