Training & Education

We offer various presentations that include several AIA approved courses, along with product related presentations regarding laboratory furnishings and fume hoods.

We can do these in-person, online, or even as a hybrid with some attendees in-person and others remote.

Fume Hood Selection Fundamentals

Understand applications and types of laboratory fume hoods, their options, features, and regulatory requirements. An AIA registered presentation.

Laboratory Casework & Fume Hood Basics

An overview of laboratory furniture basics that covers materials, furniture systems from fixed casework to modern flexible furniture systems. Fume hoods are essential safety equipment for labs and the presentation addresses different fume hood types, energy conservation, hazardous chemical storage at the fume hood, and an overview of fume hood safety.

A Guide to Selecting and Specifying Wood Lab Casework

Understand how to select the right grade cabinet construction, veneer & substrate options, finishes, and sustainability. An AIA registered presentation.

Flexible Furniture Systems – Practical Considerations

Understand the most common types of flexible lab furniture, providing a context to determine which system is best for your lab. An AIA registered presentation.

The High Efficiency NovaGuard™ Fume Hood

Learn how this hood combines the features of a teaching hood with the energy savings of a research fume hood.

Besides pre-prepared AIA and product related presentations, we’re happy to work with you on project relate presentations designed to be useful for what you’re working on right now.

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Mott will schedule an in-person, online, or even as a hybrid with some attendees in-person and others remote, at a time that is convenient to you.

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